Bridal Makeup

Posted on Aug 29, 2016 by Admin

Bridal makeup trends have changed and how. For instance, women these days don’t consider going to local salons for makeup. Nowadays, bridal makeup happens to be swank and naturalistic. That’s why it’s high time to say adios to burdensome makeup aspect. Due to the insistence to appear nice, professionals are appointed so that advanced makeup techniques and branded products can be culled out. The outcome can be seen as an alluring bride having impeccable skin, exquisitely outlined eyes and cushy lips.

I love the confidence that makeup gives me.– Tyra Banks, American TV Personality


Posted on Aug 30, 2016 by Admin

The trending makeup styles of today mostly include vivid and adventuresome facets. Gold, Crimson, Hot Pink and Corals look outstanding and are most preferred for bridal makeup. Fuchsia, Matte Finish and Copper looks meanwhile are evergreen and stay in spotlight forever. One should always be very particular while performing eye makeup. Dusky eyes are going popular so are perfect smokey eyes. While giving smokey touch to the eye; blue, red, mineral peach, gold and plum colors are preferred the most. Such shades appear to be evergreen so bride can mark them in any of the ceremonial functions too. Coloured liners also add bloom to the glory of bride.


Posted on Sep 02, 2016 by Admin

Everyone seems to be parachuting to the HD or High Definition makeup. HD combined with mineral makeup presents a 3D (Three Dimensional) persona which goes perfectly in accord with the bridal jewelry. Mineral makeup is all about going green in perspective of cosmetics. It adds a new natural to the existing natural look of the bride. It properly settles on the skin and provides glowing glaze.

“Mineral makeup is a return to technologies that have been in use since ancient times” – Ruby Hammer, Famous Makeup Artist


Posted on Sep 05, 2016 by Admin

A totally distinct impression can be achieved with the help of modish and highly tempting hair accessories. Hairstyle can be embellished with fresh flowers like lush roses, orchids and jasmines to look more refreshing. For those who don’t prefer flowers, they can go for accessories like Forehead Bands, Swarovski crystals, Hair Vines, Fancy Hair Combs & Jeweled Clips. To play with the natural look of hair, one can go for colored streaks. Colored hair extensions can be right choice to flaunt style. The best part of these extensions is that they are extremely easy to use as well as remove. The colored extensions fuse perfectly with the hair. To generate more exclusivity, hair extensions are weaved into hair.


Posted on Oct 09, 2016 by Admin

One of the latest makeup technologies, Airbrush is the finely guarded secret of picture perfect actresses and models. It’s a light weight makeup practiced via an air gun machine which generates a fragile and even layer of makeup and helps creating a matte finish look. To put it simply, it is applied by spraying makeup on the skin with the help of an air gun machine rather than using brushes. Airbrush makeup is light and water resistant, thus lasts long. This process is extremely hygienic. Makeup layer can be thin or heavy as per one’s face’s need and doesn’t get disturbed by just a slight scrubbing or brushing. Only thin layer is preferred by most of the professionals.

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