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One of the latest makeup technologies, Airbrush is the finely guarded secret of picture perfect actresses and models. It’s a light weight makeup practiced via an air gun machine which generates a fragile and even layer of makeup and helps creating a matte finish look. To put it simply, it is applied by spraying makeup on the skin with the help of an air gun machine rather than using brushes. Airbrush makeup is light and water resistant, thus lasts long. This process is extremely hygienic. Makeup layer can be thin or heavy as per one’s face’s need and doesn’t get disturbed by just a slight scrubbing or brushing. Only thin layer is preferred by most of the professionals.


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    September 26, 2017
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    October 2, 2017
    Awesome....We got very useful tips.
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    December 26, 2017
    Really Appreciable Article , Honestly Said 🙂 The Thing Actually I liked The most is the step by step explanation of everything